Video gallery

This page require Adobe Flash 9.0 (or higher) plug in.

  • Load easily Youtube videos and video files (videos hosted in your server).

  • Youtube videos in the highest quality.

  • Youtube Logo and announcements minimized.

  • You can choose between 2 possibilities for thumbnails: automatic or selecting your image.

  • You can enter text associated with the video to create subtitles.

  • Set all the colors of the player and thumbnails.

  • Number and sizes of thumbnails configurable.


BUY AND DOWNLOAD NOW, VIDEO GALLERY. 11,90 €uros (14 $) Jommla(1.5, 1.6/1.7/2.5 and 3.x) and video converter software





Create a gallery of videos on youtube and flv videos. Extremely easy to use, enter the url of the videos or youtube ID and that's it. The thumbnails are created automatically. You configure the module as a function of your needs. You can put titles on the videos, set colors, columns and rows of thumbnails, video size in proportion to the module, the size of the thumbnails in proportion to the module, and many more things. The module includes a conversion program and video editing. You can convert video files to flv format that reproduces the module or any other format. Works on mobiles as Android or Apple. In mobile devices shows an application that allows you to play youtube videos.

INSTALL & USE Install the module from your joomla administrator (Extensions-> Install / Uninstall) See the module manager and edit the module "video gallery", active the module, and write the url of your videos in the video url parameter.

You can write the url of the flv videos, the url of the videos on youtube or the ID of the videos from youtube. The first video would be the first line, the second video the second line ...

Video list sample:


For compatibility with mobile devices is recommended to use the url of the youtube videos and not the ID.

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